HMS Spirits

New Labels, New Products

2018 was a great year for HMS Spirits, with its flagship gin Mary Rose, winning awards and fervent admirers all over the world. This spring two more gins are setting sail out into the market, Elizabeth and Dreadnought. The fleet is expanding and there is a new, consistent look to the labels and packaging, which was well worth exhibiting in a series of product based social films, shot in the beautiful Quo Vadis club, Soho.


A Voyage of Discovery

While our client, HMS Spirits, has spent the summer winning prestigious awards for its flagship Mary Rose Gin and recruiting new fans at festivals nationwide, we’ve been all hands-on deck, creating advertising, designing new packaging, producing event materials and writing advertorials to spread the word. We also had a chat with Ben Maguire, the owner, and put together a film, which he recently used in Shanghai, at a DTI sponsored ‘Best of British’ trade fair.

HMS Spirits_HMS16
VenueInsight_August_2018 HMS16
HMS Spirits and HMS16
HMS Spirits HMS16