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Salter x Steve


A series of six online films for Salter Products featuring Steve the publican, who is looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. Steve's a top bloke and we'll be supporting him all the way because it won't be easy.

1 of Salter x Steve
In episode 1 we get to meet Steve for the first time.

2 of Salter x Steve
In episode 2 of Salter x Steve, we see him shop for the first time in years and cook for the first time ever. Will he get a taste for a healthier way of life?

4 of Salter x Steve
In episode 4 it's big walks, big updates and a big treat for Steve as he continues to lose weight and lower his blood pressure.

3 of Salter x Steve
In episode 3 Steve's found new energy, had a new haircut and taken on a new challenge as he looks to lower his blood pressure and lose weight.

5 of Salter x Steve
In Episode 5 Steve goes to market, gets over the wall and celebrates a notable achievement, as he looks forward to the last leg of the 12 week challenge to lose weight, lower his blood pressure and live a healthier lifestyle.

6 of Salter x Steve
It's Episode 6 and the final countdown for Steve as he finishes his 12-week challenge. It's been tough, but it's been worth it, as we see Steve has lowered his blood pressure, lost weight and changed his lifestyle for good.