Tria Beauty


Skin fit Diaries

Over the summer we've been collaborating with 'The Mindful Drifter' (aka Charlotte Snowball) who has been using the Tria Positively Clear blue light device, as part of her daily skin regime. In a series of 10 films we’ve been sharing her progress and all episodes can be seen on the Tria Beauty UK website and YouTube channel. This is the final episode, which gives you a flavour of what the project was all about.


Top Tech

Technology helps us keep our bodies and minds fit, and now it can do the same with our skin. That’s the message we’re putting out in our new TV commercial and press campaign for Tria Positively Clear acne clearing blue light device.


Move to Smooth

Our new campaign for Tria Beauty launches 'Move to Smooth' online, in press and on TV, together with a series of 8 x sponsorship idents for the Sky Lifetime channel.

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